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Meet the Acupuncturist!

Clink on the link below to meet Monique and learn more about acupuncture, immunity and how you can stay healthy this winter. Acupuncture for Immunity

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Here’s to a Healthy New Year!

Making 2013 a Year of Health New Year's resolutions are a part of many people's lives. They are great to make, hard to keep. Here are a few tips you might employ: Keep it simple - start small and change one habit this year, or one habit at a time (once one is gone, move [...]

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You Can Stay Healthy This Cold And Flu Season!

Yes you can stay healthy this cold and flu season A few tips to boost your immune system and fight that cold or flu you don't want to catch from your friends.... Wear a scarf - it protects an area especially vulnerable to pathogenic attacks. And if you have a sore throat, make sure to [...]

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