It’s a New Year again – and a New You?

It’s a New Year again – and a New You?

January 28th, 2017 marked Chinese New Year, and this year, 2017, is the year of the rooster. The date of the new year does not coincide with January 1 as the Chinese calendar is a lunisolar calendar, meaning it is based on the location of the sun and correlated with the moon’s phases. In China the new year is celebrated by a festival, called the Spring Festival, and every year is assigned one of 12 animals — 2017 is the year of the Rooster.

Since this is the second time in the last month or so that we’ve celebrated the new year, I’ve had time to continue pondering what changes I want to work towards in 2017. Resolutions don’t work too well for me, I’ve realized. Instead I set intentions for myself, and this year, my two main intentions were to focus on moving my qi, through a daily meditation practice, and to maintain a gluten free diet. And as intentions, I may not be perfect in these two areas, but I am going to do my very very best to meet my intentions each day.

Why did I pick these two changes for myself in 2017? Upon reflection, I realized at the end of last year that meditating every day made me feel better, calmer, more optimistic. I had renewed my meditation practice right after the presidential election and by the end of the year it felt like a reasonable goal to continue this practice, daily, for the next year. I permit myself leeway with the amount of time I meditate – can be for 5 minutes, or for 20, based on the day, and my life. I can do a silent meditation or a guided one, and it can be in the morning or evening.

My second intention is to avoid gluten. I’ve been aware of the negative effects of gluten on my body (and all of ours, really), for quite a while. At the end of last year, I had an experience which solidified my resolve – after eating pretzels while under the weather, I subsequently experienced an increase in physical pain. It became clear to me that my body just could not tolerate gluten and in truth it no longer appealed to me when I remembered my discomfort.

So the Chinese new year has permitted me to re-reflect on my recent 2017 intentions and how well they are working for me. I’m glad to say that so far, I feel good about continuing the changes and have been able to follow my plan for the year. Traveling makes it difficult to be gluten free, but I’ve become quite adept at finding the gluten free options wherever I am. I’m also glad to say I’ve been able to meditate daily as well.

What are your health intentions for the next year? Have you been ignoring your body, or your health, and is it time to make some changes? Do you need to increase relaxation? Are you unable to exercise due to joint pain? Or do you suffer from chronic indigestion?
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