Your Immune System and the Weather

Your Immune System and the Weather

Technically it is spring here in Chicago. However the weather this year cannot make up its mind.

Some days are windy and cool, other days are just downright cold and rainy (like today), some days hot (although pretty rarely these days), and the plants are bursting with blooms and pollen, even when it is 50 degrees outside. Most Chicagoans are losing their mind with this weather, from what I have heard, and many people are suffering from allergies, colds, or stomach bugs. Why is this weather so hard to handle, emotionally or physically?

Changes to the climate outside are challenges to the body – the body adapts to the climate, and when climate changes, the body must change and adapt, adding an additional stressor. These days it is anybody’s guess how warm or cold it will be in Chicago. This irregular weather makes it difficult to know how to dress and understandably folks are often over-dressed or under-dressed for the weather. So the body may become over-heated, or chilled, further stressing the immune system, and then guess what, you get sick with an upper respiratory infection, or a stomach flu. And if you are already struggling with allergies because everything almost that can bloom in Chicago is blooming, well it really is a lost cause. Allergies and upper respiratory system infection are an especially unpleasant combination.

Wearing layers is key – light layers – which can be donned in the morning and then shed later if it becomes warmer, or drier, as the day progresses. A light scarf is also important for protecting your exposed neck, one of the most vulnerable areas on your body, from pathogens wanting easy access to your system.

One reason I love Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is that it is amazing at boosting the immune system as well as killing pathogens. And one formula that is frequently used for strengthening your immune system (especially with this weather that cannot make up its mind) is called Xiao Chai Hu Tang. This formula treats conditions that are intermittent, or periodic, like the person who gets a cold, and then gets well, then the next cold, a week or so after feeling well again. Or the person who has a digestive issue that comes at the same time every day, or night, then calms down again, only to have the problem return the next day. However, although the formula works really well for a lot of folks, it isn’t perfect for everyone.

End your suffering now – schedule here to get your own personalized acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbal formula which will strengthen your immune system and calm your allergies, if you have them. And if this weather has you down, we will lift your spirits as well.
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