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Gratitude – Like Acupuncture – Reduces Stress…

Practicing gratitude is, of course, a good idea all year long. Every November, though, I start to think about it more - there’s more talk generally about gratitude, as the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday allows a blip of time before the Christmas frenzy to stop, spend time with friends and family and be thankful. And I [...]

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Water Post Acupuncture is a Vital Part of Treatment.

My patients know the post acupuncture treatment mantra well: “Make sure you drink plenty of water today and tonight.” Some wonder why, although proper hydration is a prevalent topic in health news. Most people know that generally it is very important to give our bodies plenty of water because sufficient body fluids are vital to [...]

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Do you have a leaky gut? What does that really mean?

It is likely you have heard the term “leaky gut”  especially if you’re interested in health, alternative medicine or have some digestive troubles. What does this mean, you might ask, especially if you have only heard the term in passing, or have not had time to read more about it.    Basically the idea of [...]

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Allergies, sinus infections and colds…

For some of us this is how we welcome Fall. Many of my patients have seasonal and chronic allergies, as well as chronic sinus infections and/or frequent colds. Fall is lovely in Chicago but if you are allergic to ragweed (or mold), you are likely sneezy and itchy, which may eventually manifest as you fighting [...]

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Fertile Energy

How Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Help Women Get Pregnant Having a baby at 40 isn’t so unusual for a woman these days. When I was young, my parents who were in their 40s when they had me, were considered old and I was often called a “miracle baby.” Now it is much more common for women in [...]

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Spring 2014 Newsletter – We can help seasonal allergies!

Yes, We Treat Seasonal Allergies Chicago's spring has officially started with plants, trees and flowers blooming - and pollen is everywhere! If you are one of the lucky folks who must carry tissue to live through this season, please know that acupuncture and Chinese medicine offer help for seasonal allergies and the ensuing rhinitis, sinusitis, [...]

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Fall 2013 Acupuncture Newsletter

Happy Fall, Almost! Summer's wrapping up (hard to believe) and fall will be here soon. Harvests are in and fresh food will be plentiful and available for canning as well as consuming. As the summer transitions into fall, start eating foods that are cooked a little longer with an emphasis on yellow foods, such as [...]

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