Spring 2014 Newsletter – We can help seasonal allergies!

Yes, We Treat Seasonal Allergies Chicago's spring has officially started with plants, trees and flowers blooming - and pollen is everywhere! If you are one of the lucky folks who must carry tissue to live through this season, please know that acupuncture and Chinese medicine offer help for seasonal allergies and the ensuing rhinitis, sinusitis, [...]

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Fall 2013 Acupuncture Newsletter

Happy Fall, Almost! Summer's wrapping up (hard to believe) and fall will be here soon. Harvests are in and fresh food will be plentiful and available for canning as well as consuming. As the summer transitions into fall, start eating foods that are cooked a little longer with an emphasis on yellow foods, such as [...]

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Meet the Acupuncturist!

Clink on the link below to meet Monique and learn more about acupuncture, immunity and how you can stay healthy this winter. Acupuncture for Immunity

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Here’s to a Healthy New Year!

Making 2013 a Year of Health New Year's resolutions are a part of many people's lives. They are great to make, hard to keep. Here are a few tips you might employ: Keep it simple - start small and change one habit this year, or one habit at a time (once one is gone, move [...]

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You Can Stay Healthy This Cold And Flu Season!

Yes you can stay healthy this cold and flu season A few tips to boost your immune system and fight that cold or flu you don't want to catch from your friends.... Wear a scarf - it protects an area especially vulnerable to pathogenic attacks. And if you have a sore throat, make sure to [...]

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Back to School – and Acupuncture 101

August Newsletter Focus: Acupuncture 101 & Men's Health Acupuncture 101: What is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)? The term Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is often used synonymously with acupuncture. In truth, acupuncture is but one aspect (the most well known) of TCM, which is the broad term for a system of medicine and method of practice. [...]

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How to stay healthy this summer!

Stay Healthy and Enjoy Your Summer Summertime has its own set of health issues - check out these tips for a better summer: - drink enough water - especially on hot days, before, during and after exercise. You can add lemon to your water to improve flavor and boost anti-oxidants! - if you find the [...]

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Acupuncture for Allergies

The Return of Seasonal Allergies! Hello beautiful spring! As the days get longer and warmer, we move from the introversion of winter into the movement of spring. Spring corresponds to the liver system in Chinese medicine and is a traditional time for healthy detoxes as we move out any stagnant winter energy. You may also [...]

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We Heart Acupuncture!

Love your heart? Acupuncture supports healthy circulation February is the American Heart Association's Heath health awareness month. You might be shocked to learn that cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in America and the number one cause of death for American women. Heart disease can be an insidious disease. Don't be fooled [...]

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